Run Ballarat 2016 – A Very Montromo Thank You
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On October 23rd 2016 Luke and Jesse donned their red Run Ballarat t-shirts, laced their runners, sucked their guts in and ran in the 2016 Run Ballarat 6km event.If you have been following Montromo for some time you will know that these two beer and chicken wing loving sons of guns are not really the athletic types usually opting to marathon video games and Netflix instead of  preforming any actual acts of physical activity. 

This event, like most MONTROMO endeavors, was a last minute idea which only gave Luke and Jesse 6 weeks to train. In that time they honed their bodies from unfit slothenly pits of overindulgence and shame to slightly less unfit slothenly pits of overindulgence and shame. This giant feat could not have been possible without the love and support of their wives who not only allowed them time and resources to train for the event but also put up with the relentless talk about training, running, recovery and bleeding nipples. If we are being honest, Kylie and Stacey are the real heros of this saga. 

On the chilly Ballarat morning all the training paid off and both Luke and Jesse not only successfully completed the run without medical, emotional or spiritual catastrophe but managed to both run personal best times as well!

But this successful run was all gravy in the end. Because the meat of the event, the raising of money for the Children’s Ward, had been overwhelmingly successful with team MONTROMO GO exceeding their lofty target of $1000 by raising a outstanding $1262 over the 6 weeks.

As thanks to all the amazing people who donated we decided to record this dumb thank you message in true MONTROMO style, unscripted, unrehearsed and unabashed. Again we want to thank all the people who donated money and support to this event. We are all blown away by the generosity and kindness everyone has shown us during the course of the MONTROMO GO campaign. We ran, but you all carried us. 

Will we do Run Ballarat again? In short, Fuck yes. And next time we will train, run and tin-rattle harder that ever. But in the meantime we will rest and recover and go back to making more dumb videos for your viewing pleasure. 

Once thank you all so very much. 

We love you all, you da best. 

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