Anticipating PAX 2015 – Jesse

Last year when we rolled up on PAX we did so with wide eyes and nary a website to speak of. We lined up with a couple of thousand other nerdish folk eagerly anticipating playing with games and tech that were months if not years away from being released to the general public. We got to put our grubby paws on everything from AAA studio games to obscure Indie titles as well as new tech items like the Oculus Rift (which Dan broke 20 minutes into the first day of PAX) and spent the entire day geeking the fuck out.


This year however we are heading back with a new sense of purpose and vigor, for this year we are going AS Montromo. But what does that mean? Well it mean this year we will be looking at PAX with new eyes, your eyes, like taking someone to your favorite restaurant or forcing them to love your favorite movie. This year we get to cosplay as a website with journalistic integrity, motive and most importantly skill and all the while have a ball checking out all that is new and exciting in the world of gaming (something we’ve somewhat neglected despite it being one of the 3 pillars of the site). We have Montromo t-shirts and stickers at the ready to make us look all professional and shit and have a (very loose) battle plan on how we will be interviewing developers and cosplayers as well as a few other dumb ideas to record while there.


So for me I don’t really have a handful of games I’m excited to play, more so I’m excited about experience of pretending to be a games journalist and engaging with the gaming community from a different angle then packaging that all up and delivering it to you in our patented amateur style.


Wish us luck!

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