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This year, PAX will see 4 members of Montromo gracing their halls, annoying people with interviews incessantly, perusing the booths thoughtfully and savagely competing with other people for a brief moment of time on a forthcoming videogame.
The team here will be on site for 2 out of the 3 days PAX takes place in Melbourne and they couldn’t be more excited (Montromo not PAX).
Last year, the 3 male members of Montromo, before Montromo became Montromo, were there ogling cosplayers, queuing for games and getting their first taste of a Games Expo. This year, with the previous year added to their experience, we three have an idea of what to look forward to and our new member, Emmalene, is in charge of after-PAX capital city partying.
With the taste I got from last year, I’m highly looking forward to the Indie Games section.
Last year, the Indie Games section was one of the easiest places to get some time with a PC/Console due to the amazing amount of up-and-coming independent releases. The booths are set up back-to-back with either a PC, PlayStation or X-Box. The PC/Console can have 1 to 4 controllers setup and they’re within such a small space once you’ve finished sampling one game you can almost turn on your heel and be queuing at another. Also, the reason this is one of the things I’m anticipating most is because the Indie games are often 1-4 players, meaning a whole heap of new people to versus. So this is the first on my list of things to look forward to.
The game I’m looking forward to sampling most is Battleborn by Gearbox. Their latest foray into first person shooters features 25 unique character classes and a levelling system which they’ve worked on for over 6 years.
The demos and character builds I’ve witnessed already look really interesting, from Samurai Blood Suckers to Steampunk Gentleman Robots, but the thing that has me most curious about this game is how they’re going to pull off the change in character strengths and weaknesses when making the change from PvP to PvE (I think this would be difficult to execute and want to know whether they can successfully pull it off). One more thing I look forward to seeing or experiencing myself from this game is the co-op between the different character classes. Borderlands has been a personal favourite since I first bought the original and the class choice through character and equipment build is very interesting to see. The original Borderlands had 4 characters to choose from, Borderlands 2 had 4 then 2 more added through DLC, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel also had 4 with 2 characters added through DLC. Now one of my favourite things in Borderlands 2 is turning the sniper Zer0 into a bonafide (not Bonerfart… Borderlands pun) hand-to-hand slaughterhouse capable of more melee kills than Krieg. In order to change him from sniper to hit-man, one must have a deep knowledge of the game and do certain missions in an extremely particular fashion. I’d love to see this secret means of transforming one character’s extreme into the next carried over to Battleborn.

Dishonoured 2 by Bethesda grabbed my attention when it was announced at E3 this year. I only ever borrowed Dishonoured from my Montromo colleague Luke on PS3 and played it nearly right through; watching all the abilities shown in the announcement trailer reminded me of how much fun it was to play. Having combinations of Assassins Creed and Thief intertwined with an intriguing plot of corruption and plague all within a steampunk art style with characters reminiscent in graphical appearance of the old Timesplitters (damn I miss that game), it was everything this Montromo member likes videogame-wise. It’s also the second PS3 to PS4 HD upgrade I’ve purchased; the first being the mandatory GTAV.

Last but not least and the first out of my selection to be released after PAX ends; will be Star Wars: Battlefront. With the hype of the new movies hitting the stores already and the teaser trailers showing us a touch of the lore we all grew to know and cherish in the original trilogy (that the other trilogy only rode the coattails of making some aspects “prettier”) and that various hit games on every generation of console have been based upon (from Parker Brothers 1982 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on the Atari 2600 right through to this year and the one I’m currently on about), this game I believe will deserve some time out of Summer in front of on the couch, possibly with air con, and definitely beers, online with mates doing the same.
The last Star Wars game I properly indulged in was Star Wars: Rogue Squadron on the Nintendo 64 so I eagerly await being engrossed in another Star Wars and hopefully the new movies will extend the playtime of this game dramatically.

For further reading of my anticipation of PAX read my article on the tabletop game Krosmaster Arena which is too large to whack on the end of this.

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Dan has had many careers over the years; Cable Guy, Integration Aide, Music Journalist, Dan Bigalow Male Escort. He is currently a sound technician at the local when not gaming and loves his music as much as pwning noobs. He’s now taken it upon himself to help the greater good by writing, reviewing and recording for the benefit of eating, drinking and gaming.

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