‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ And why I Love/ Hate it SO much.


I’m aware this game has been out for a while now but when I was asked what I would like to write about how could I possibly overlook a game that manages to incite such love for the art style and story continuity, but also SO MUCH RAGE!? Rage about what you ask? Oh we’ll get to that friend. We’ll get to that.
Firstly though, I need to express my love for a button masher that put some real effort into creating a story that {although short} managed to hold my attention and felt true to the DC franchise. While I would have maybe liked to have a little more input into the outcome of the story, I feel they handled something that could have gone horribly amiss for fans pretty well. The quality of the voice acting was as good as fans of DC have come to expect, even with Stephen Amell taking his role as green arrow from live action into the gaming universe. As a Multiplayer game Injustice goes well with a few drinks and has enough diversity in fighting styles between characters to keep things interesting.

So having listed why I think this game is very much worth playing…

DAMN QUICKTIME EVENTS! Has anyone in the history of gaming ever said ‘you know what? This could use more pointless bloody quicktime events’? I understand that in a cut-scene heavy game, developers sometimes feel pressure to add something in to break it up… but it should NEVER be quicktime events!!
Also. When playing in ‘battle mode’ being unable to skip the gloaty cut scene can drive a girl to the end of her rope.. especially when you’ve just lost to Black Adam for the 4th time in a row and he’s standing on you like he’s posing like some kind of clichéd statue.

Smug bastard pose #3

Smug bastard pose #3


Or Superman? Damn it I hate that smug little rat-turd-sucker of an alien government lacky.
But the fact that just the sight of certain ‘heroes’ now fills me with rage is probably a sign that the creators of Injustice are doing something right.
So to sum it all up. If you enjoy hurling abuse at Super Hero’s, DC’s animated films or beat-em-up’s Injustice; Gods Among us will totally be worth your time and money.

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