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MASH Naturally Evolved Brewing

MASH Naturally Evolved Brewing, are a Western Australian brewer that have until this year been off my radar. But that changed when I picked up a 4-pack of their CopyCat A.I.P.A.

The first thing you notice when you pour the CopyCat is that this thick smooth rich amber colored beer is quite fruity to smell. Offering up all the typical I.P.A. aromas the American method is known for. But…… when you take your first taste of the CopyCat you’ll notice that something is missing. That amazing zesty-citrus-passion fruit smack in the face we all love, is gone. Replaced with a creamy smooth malty finish. Definitely unexpected,at first, and after a little while not a bad thing.

The aftertaste is that of lingering smooth malt with little hints of the floral flavors I love.

In the end I really enjoyed the CopyCat, I just didn’t love it. It’s an enjoyable beer that would be great on a hot day!

One thing i can say is, the malty taste could be a good way to get your partner/mate/sibling into the big bold and amazing tastes of American Indian Pale Ale scene.

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