Review – Rochdale Traditional Apple Cider
rochdale cider

Rochdale Traditional Apple Cider

McCashin’s Brewery

With this second review I feel we’re getting off on the wrong foot. My first review being about food, something I’m passionate about but usually wouldn’t even put that much effort in preparation for a solo gaming night, and now my second review will be about cider and not beer or spirits; either of which I usually prefer over cider.
Rochdale Traditional Apple Cider is something my girlfriend recently purchased and gave me a swig of, and for a cider it’s pretty damn tasty, so much so I bought four for myself. It’s a New Zealand brew (no, not “brother”, I’m not emulating their accent) made by McCashin’s Brewery and has no preservatives and is gluten free. Of course none of that shit impressed me but the taste certainly did. Tasting more like a crisp alcoholic apple soda than a poorly made bridge between Champagne and home brand apple juice Rochdale Traditional Apple Cider has many little quirks to boast; such as the aforementioned absence of preservatives and gluten, ripe apples, no added sugar and also pure Palaeo water!!! (If you don’t know what that is, look it up, I had too! it’s actually kinda interesting.)
All joking aside though, the best cider I’ve tasted would have to be James Squire, and Rochdale Cider trumps that. It tastes like a fresh apple infused with booze and put through a blender to save on chewing time. After saying that though I’ll only give it 8.3, Because of my lack of experience with cider in general I feel unqualified to gauge it with a full 10, on the other hand, based on my dissatisfaction with cider in general it could even be rated higher than 10. Just drink the stuff, if you like it, tell McCashin’s Brewery which website referred you, if you don’t… move on squire.

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