Luke’s Top 10 Video Games of 2014
Luke's top 10

Luke’s list of the games that captured his heart, mind and wallet in 2014. There can be only 1…or 10!

 10. Mario Kart 8


“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

Gorgeous to look at and incredibly fun to play. Nintendo have finally created a Mario Kart better* than the SNES version.
* Apart from battle mode. Battle mode in 8 is trash.

 9. Walking Dead: Season 2

Uptown funk you up, I said uptown funk you up.

Uptown funk you up, I said uptown funk you up.

Continuing my journey with Clementine has been emotional. Telltale Games are on their way to create one of gaming’s greatest characters. Bring on season 3!

8. Far Cry 4

No but really, fuck those honey badgers.

No but really, fuck those honey badgers.

Open world badass simulator with just enough story to tie it all together. Co-op is great fun, and in my opinion, a big part of the future of this series.

7. The Wolf Among Us

Have a snickers man, you're not yourself when you're hungry.

Have a snickers man, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry.

Coming into The Wolf Among Us, with very little knowledge about  the comic book “Fables”, was perfect for me. An entirely refreshing take on fairy tale genre and characters. Just play it!

6. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Duel wielding automatic shotguns because fuck Nazi's that's why!

Duel wielding automatic shotguns because fuck Nazis that’s why!

Confession. I had never played a Wolfenstein game before The New Order; and it didn’t matter! With just the right amount of brawn and brains, The New Order won me over. What a blast this game is!

5. Forza Horizon 2



The winding roads of southern Europe make for an incredible backdrop to one of the best racing games I’ve ever played. Beautiful to look at and incredibly versatile with its driving engine. A game for beginners and veterans alike.

4. Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

Aaaaand fleeing now.

Cool guys turn their back on the explosion.

First person view and a host of other visual upgrades helps improve and bring this unparalleled open world experience to this generation. With a story I enjoyed even more so a second time around. It’s everything I wanted.

3. The Last Of Us: Left Behind

I hope some creepy little girl doesn't stab me in the back...

I hope some creepy little girl doesn’t stab me in the back…

Sublime. An incredible, compact and perfectly paced piece of DLC for one of the best games ever made. That dance scene!

2. South Park: The Stick of Truth

This is exactly what it looks like.

This is exactly what it looks like.

Never have I laughed so hard playing a video game. But, South Park: The Stick of Truth goes one better than just being a very very funny game. It’s fun to play and explore and as far as writing… it is on par with the best material Matt Stone and Trey Parker have ever created. And that’s saying a lot!

1. P.T.

Nope nope nope.

Nope nope nope.

P.T. is the only video game I’ve ever had to pause to take a break, get my nerves together and collect myself, but it was so compelling that I couldn’t put it down. And it was the only game on my list that offered me something different. Viral marketing done right.


So that’s Luke’s list of games that rang his bell in 2014. Do you agree or is he out of his damn mind? We’d love to know this (we already know this) so leave a comment below!

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