Jesse’s Top 10 Video Games of 2014
Jesse's  top 10

Jesse gives us a rundown of what floated his goat in 2014 starting with a game destined to make most people’s top ten (see what we did there?).

 10. Destiny

Nice ball

Nice ball

Amazing looking and full of cool loot that gains it’s own XP as you use it. Although lacking in a little bit of soul there is plenty of opportunities for looting and grinding in this beautiful universe.

 9. Forza Horizon 2

The dotted lines are just a rough t guide, right?

The dotted lines are just a rough guide, right?

The only driving game I have ever completed the main story of. Great fun with mates either in live multiplayer or with asynchronous high scores. Forza Horizon 2 looks and sounds great and has just the right amount of open world and side quests to break up racing nicely.

 8. Farcry 4

"It's coming right for us!"

“Your cat is crazy man!”


  7. Infamous- Second Son

"Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!"

The hipster was using his hands before they were cool

Amazing visuals, fun gameplay, cool soundtrack and a strong story. Infamous: Second Son was cool before it was cool to be cool and left you excited for what the Infamous franchise has in store for us next.

 6. Sunset Overdrive

The daily grind

The daily grind

Awesome fun gameplay, stylish and slightly bizarre art style, and a great dose of pop-culture comedy. Sunset overdrive was one of the most purely fun games released last year.

 5. The wolf among us

"Hold still and we'll have that pesky tooth out in no time."

“Hold still and we’ll have that pesky tooth out in no time.”

The intriguing story of Bigby Wolf was superbly executed from start to finish. I played all of the episodes back to back while drinking a nice scotch…because…well…it just felt right.

4. Wolfenstein: The new order

Take two and if pain persists please call your doctor

Take two and if pain persists please call your doctor

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann described it as “Smarter than it had any right to be”. Wolfenstein successfully duel wielded action, story, feels and of course guns. I wish all reboots has as much hootspa.

3. The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Oooh someones getting all stabby!

Oooh someones getting all stabby!

This DLC beat out full retail AAA titles to make it on my list. Insanely well written and full of tense action and next level feels. Left Behind took you back to your first Last of Us experience whilst also leaving a mark of its own.

 2. Minecraft: Playstation Editions

Creepers gonna creep creep creep creep creep

Creepers gonna creep creep creep creep creep

I have (and probably will continue to) spend far too much time in this game. Not new, but new to PS3/Vita/PS4 in 2014 and my go to game when I want to chill out and mine/craft stuff or game with my daughter.

 1. South Park: The stick of truth

"Hello Children!"

“Hello Children!”

Undoubtedly the best licensed videogame ever created…ever. Also the most crass, offensive and surprisingly well executed. I had a whole motherload of fun playing this game. Watch out for Dad’s balls!



Were any of these games in your Top 10? Or is Jesse plain tripping balls? Let us know in the comment section below.

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