Snack Pax – Noccas Cream Cheese Tortilla Dip
Noccas Dip

Eating + Gaming = Satisfaction

I’ve been playing Evolve lately and I find the snack I’m packing in during sessions might be a recurring theme seen throughout my eating reviews. This snack is Noccas from Juanita’s Kitchen. Noccas is a spicy paste and marinade which can go with everything. The best balance of heat and flavour I’ve ever ingested I mix it with just about everything, but for gaming purposes and Earl Of Sandwich scales I’ve been blending a teaspoon of it to 250g Cream Cheese and mixing it through, then using the blended product as a dip with  your favuorite chip, we used Mission Original Tortilla Strips. The result is delicious. Throw a good beer in and you’ve got everything you need for a long sesh in front of your console.

noccas ingredents
Noccas can be purchased from Juanita’s Kitchen.
Woolworths home brand Cream Cheese can be purchased from most Woolworths supermarkets.
Mission Tortilla Strips can be purchased from the Mexican section of most supermarkets.
Earl Of Sandwich Rating: Once mixed together and tortilla packet open the tortillas and Noccas Cream Cheese dip are a cinch to eat. As long as you don’t scoop the dip out and eat it with your finger this snack should leave your controller ungreased, unoiled and in no need of a wipe after every bite.

Disclaimer: The good people at Juanita’s Kitchen are good friends of the site and ply us with their delicious products every time we make puppy eyes at them.

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